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For Only RM 2.70 / Day*

Lung Shield is a Covid-19 Coverage Plan that provides clients with a post Covid-19 treatment coverage. Only for Malaysians and Permanent Residents of Malaysia.

In Support of the National Vaccination Program, all clients of Lung Shield will also be provided complimentary Covid-19 Vaccination Complication Coverages and accidental death benefits.

Program Benefits

Post Covid-19 Coverage

a) Post care treatment for lung damage caused by Covid-19 infection at category 3 and above (valued at RM 40,000)
b) Pre & Post treatment health screening
c) Lung function test

Personal Accident Benefits

a) Accidental Death RM 5,000
b) Accidental Permanent Disablement RM 5,000

Covid-19 Vaccination Coverages

a) Daily hospital income benefit RM 400/day up to RM 5,600
b) ICU admission lump sum benefit of RM 4,000
c) Bereavement expenses benefit up to RM 10,000
d) Accidental death RM 10,000

Surveillance Benefits

a) Free initial RT-PCR test (valued at RM 180)
b) Free initial Functional Neutralising Antibody Test (valued at RM 120) (check your immunity against Covid-19!)

* E&OE and T&Cs apply

The Pacific Insurance Berhad (“TPIB”) and Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Chubb”) are licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and are regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.


RM 999
  • Per Pax

Family Client

RM 1,799
  • Husband & Wife: RM1,799.00
  • Husband, Wife & Child: RM2,399.00
  • Husband, Wife & Children: RM2,999.00
  • Single Mum/Dad & Child: RM1,799.00
  • Single Mum/Dad & Children: RM2,399.00
  • Surveillance Benefits limited up to two (2) persons per family package. Additional members of the family will be charged at the rate of RM 300 per pax

Corporate price available

  • Contact Us to Find Out More

Who Can Apply

Covid Negative

With Negative RT-PCR Test results within 48 hours prior to application (testing costs are inclusive in the program)

Open to all ages

Open to all ages

Pre existing conditions

Open to all with pre existing conditions or comorbidities (except with cancer, Lung related illness & previously Covid-19 positive)

For Malaysians

Open to all citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia only


Vaccinated with at least one (1) dose

Post Covid-19 Lung Conditions

Generally, patients recover within weeks from Covid-19 infection but some unfortunately experience “Post Covid-19 Lung Infection’, also known as “Long Covid” especially from the assault of the new variants and cytokines storm. 

Some may even experience conditions consisting of multiorgan effects that lasts for months after infection. 



Underwriters and consultants: CHUBB Insurance Malaysia Bhd, Pacific Insurance Bhd, Howden Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd, and ALPS Insurance PCC Inc
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is it for?

Lung Shield is for everyone who intends to protect their lungs from Covid-19 aftermath.

  What is the difference between cellular therapy & vaccination?

Vaccination is a form of protection. Cellular therapy is a form of treatment for your lungs after Covid-19 attack.

  How much is the program?

Only RM 2.70 a day. RM 999 annually and inclusive of service tax.

  How effective is it?

Recovery effectiveness is highly dependable on the severity of damage, but clinical trials show that cellular therapy is an effective treatment for lung damage.

  Why is it so pricey?

This program covers RT-PCR & Antibody tests. It also provides additional lung related health screening tests, post vaccination coverage, and cellular therapy post Covid-19 infection.

  What are the payment options?

The annual fee can be paid via online transfer, or debit/ credit card.

  Is cellular therapy safe?

The therapy is immune evasive hence with very low risks of rejection. Even though it has remote chances of metastasizing cancer cells, we do not accept cancer patients in joining this program. All claimants will be screened for cancer prior to administration of cells.

  When can I claim it?

After 14 days of your positive RT-PCR test report or when your doctor has declared that you are non-transmittable.

  How can I claim it?

Once you are COVID-19 positive, a claim can be requested subsequently by producing a negative RT-PCR test or with a declaration by your doctor that you are non-transmittable

  Who is eligible to purchase?

If you have a negative RT-PCR and Antibody tests 48 hours prior to application.

   If I’ve been vaccinated, should I get it?

Yes. Vaccinations improve the chances of your body fighting off the virus and keeps you from getting seriously ill from Covid-19, but it doesn’t prevent lung damage if you are infected.

  Can a smoker apply?


   Why conduct a health screening test before cellular therapy?

It is to determine that you are free from cancer and in good health to be administered with cellular therapy.

  Is the pre health screening cost included in the program?

Yes. Do note that all screening costs, medical supplies and administrative costs are subject to a limit of RM 1,000 annually. Any excess is to be borne by the patient.

  How and what will be therapy be administered?

Each patient’s therapy schedule will be subjected to doctor’s and clinician’s advice.

  Is it safe for a smoker?

Yes, it is.

  If I’m pregnant, am I eligible for cover?


  How will the cellular therapy be administered?

It’s through Intramuscular injection (IM) or Intravenous (IV)

  Is this recognized by the government?

Malaysian and global regulations and standards for cellular therapy are fast approaching. FDA allows it to be administered under clinical trials and as a compassionate use.

  Where is your lab?
  Is your lab certified?

Yes, we are a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified cellular cultivation lab.

  Can cellular therapy protect you from Covid-19?

No, it is not a vaccine.

  If I am an ex-positive patient, can I still apply for the program?

Yes, subjected to obtaining a negative RT-PCR and Antibody tests report and our doctor’s approval.

  What is the age limit for this program?

There is no age limit. Any age can join.

  Would cellular therapy help me to rejuvenate my lungs?

Yes, it helps to rejuvenate your lungs by replacing and repairing the damaged cells.

  What happens if my RT-PCR and Antibody tests are positive? Can I get a refund?

Yes. A refund amounting to RM650 will be processed within the next 48 working hours after deducting the cost of COVID19 Screening and Antibody tests. But if your RT-PCR and Antibody tests were conducted by an independent service provider, a total amount of RM 950 will be refunded within the next 48 working hours as well.

  How much will be refunded if I am not eligible?

A refund amounting to RM650 will be processed within the next 48 working hours after deducting the cost of COVID19 Screening and Antibody tests. But if your RT-PCR and Antibody tests were conducted by an independent service provider, a total amount of RM 950 will be refunded within the next 48 working hours as well.

  What is the cooling off period?

7 Working days from the testing date.

  Can I cancel my program?

There is no cancellation provision after the 14 days waiting period.

  Can children join this program?


  How do I know if I’m benefiting from the cellular therapy?

It can be shown with medical screenings.

  Is the PCR and Antibody test included in the program?

Yes, the initial RT-PCR and Antibody tests cost are inclusive.

  Is this for Malaysians only?

Yes, It’s only for citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia only.

  What are the side effects?

Side effects may vary; however, the most common ones are a little soreness and burning sensation at the injection site. Your body temperature may elevate a little. Patients may feel a little more tired than normal for the first few days.

  How long does it take for the cellular therapy to repair my lungs?

The recovery rate is highly dependable on the severity of the patient. Improvements can be seen within 1 to 3 months of treatment. It can be shown with medical screenings.

  Is there any family program available?

Yes, a special price is available for family and corporate clients.

  Is there any instalment plan?

No, It’s an annual fee.

  Is the program transferable?

No, it is non-transferrable.

  If I have claimed once, can I claim again during the program period?

Yes, but your total cellular therapy benefit will be capped for the whole program duration

  If I’m hospitalized from COVID19 infection, when can I claim it?

Upon discharge or declared by your doctor that you are non-transmittable.

  What if I am outstation?

You may obtain test results from an independent KKM certified lab at your own cost.

  How do I know if the cellular therapy is sufficient for my treatment?

A lung functioning test will be conducted by our doctor or clinician to determine the right therapy schedule to be administered.

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